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Kaye Nolan Psychology

Relationships, work, families, health: keeping pace with life’s constant changes can be tough at times. Working with a registered and experienced psychologist can help you navigate difficult situations, build better relationships, and create more contentment in your life.


Kaye Nolan works with clients with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem and stress management. As a registered psychologist, Kaye uses evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to give clients the tools to make the lasting changes they want in their lives.

“It’s normal to feel stuck in our lives and relationships sometimes. We keep spinning our wheels and just wear ourselves out,” says Kaye.  “I work with clients to help them to see, understand or handle things differently then be able to move on with their lives.” 

Relationship Counselling

Kaye’s works with couples to achieve effective communication, re-establish trust and reconnection, and build resilient and sustainable relationships based on truth and respect. 

Life Coaching

Kaye also works with clients who are keen to improve communication skills, achieve a specific goal, make a positive change and/or manage their lives in a more effective way. 

Professional Supervision

Kaye is an AHPRA accredited supervisor of other psychologists and works one on one with them to meet their ongoing professional requirements. 

Online counselling

Clients are welcome to see Kaye at either her Brighton or Malvern rooms and she also sees clients online. “Sometimes a blend of both is ideal – it’s great to meet each other face to face but also I understand that our lives are so busy that online is more also convenient for people,” says Kaye.

Medicare and Private Health Rebates for Psychology

Kaye is a registered Medicare Provider and so individual clients are able to claim a rebate from Medicare if they have a referral for a mental health condition from their general practitioner.  

A large part of Kaye’s practice is relationship counselling and clients may be able to access rebates from their private health care fund for this. 


All contact is strictly confidential and subject to the Australian Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics.